Our Process

Arlington addition

At our initial meeting, D&W Builders will discuss your project with you. We want to find out why you want to build or remodel and what you hope to accomplish – a better layout, more space or just a more aesthetically pleasing home. We will share with you our process for guiding you through a successful project. For the project design, we can work with your architect or designer, or we have well established relationships with other area architects to help you design your project while keeping a watchful eye on your budget. We can provide a rough construction estimate during the design process, and a more detailed estimate following completion of the architectural plans.

After you've approved the design, construction documents and cost estimate, we'll develop and sign a construction contract and provide you with a construction schedule. Throughout the construction process, D&W Builders will keep you updated on the progress of construction, assist you with selecting and ordering finishes and keep you informed of any ordering deadlines necessary to keep construction progressing. D&W Builders works hard to keep you informed and comfortable as possible throughout the entire process, especially during the construction.