August 6, 2013

Re: Kitchen and Home Renovation

Dear Mike:

The dumpster is gone, the storage POD is gone and all of your men have packed their tools and gone too—we are here with our new kitchen and home improvements that turned out better than we could imagine!

Our thanks to you and your crew, especially Garth and all the men who worked so hard over three months to deliver a kitchen, family room and exterior improvements to make our home new again. Your expertise and experience made the process easy and the time of actual construction very short and not a huge inconvenience to our family.

Next project is the girls bathroom and the deck, so standby!

December 17th, 2012

Dear Bill,

WOW!!!!!! That is the expression that we feel every time we enter our basement ( third level) and the reaction of most of our friends that have come by to see it.

When we decided to finish our basement, as you can imagine we had many options as to whom we would choose to take this on. Knowing your reputation as a builder and a person, the choice was easy.

I knew your attention to detail, your professionalism, the quality of all your contractors and your follow threw were going to be second to none. What I did not anticipate was the amount of "you" you put into our job. It was an absolute pleasure watching you in action as you over saw the job, made adjustments on the fly and made sure every aspect and phase of the job was completed and every" I" was dotted and every" T" was crossed. The amount of personal pride you took in making sure EVERYTHING that we agreed upon was met and exceeded was beyond our expectation. You certainly exceeded all of our expectations.

Bill, over and above everything else I knew I could trust you as a person and a professional to build our basement like you were going to live in it and you did that and more!!!

As I said earlier a big part of why we chose you was because of your character as a person and your professionalism as a builder .

We feel great about our decision!!!!!!!!! We simply could not have expected anything more.

Thank you again for the fantastic job you did on our home.

We appreciate you very much.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

In the last fourteen years, I have used D&W Builders for four significant projects at two different houses. The most significant of these was a two story addition that included a complete gut of existing interior rooms and bathrooms. In all cases, the completed projects were very well done from a craftsmanship perspective; they were started and completed on time; and the projects came in on budget. I have total confidence in D&W.

And once they are working with you, they are available 24-7! During construction of the last project -- a complex replacement of a large roof and the rafters in January -- D&W firmly attached a large tarp to protect the house over the weekend. A substantial windstorm came in unhitching the edges of the tarp. The tarp was now covering critical vents and I knew this was not good for our heat system. I called D&W at 10 pm and one of the owners came to the house immediately, climbed to the third floor in the rain and the wind and reset the tarp so we were safe.

I have recommended them repeatedly to friends and everyone has always had the same experience as me.

April 7, 2013

We readily agreed to offer our thoughts and experiences with D&W. As with any major investment, we entered our bedroom suite addition with anticipation, excitement and some anxiety. We found our experience to be extremely positive, which is refreshing because that seems to be rarely the case these days.

  • The D&W crew was professional, knowledgeable, patient, and courteous throughout.
  • They promised us they would be here every day, and even when things were delayed through no fault of their own, they still came daily and performed work that otherwise could have waited.
  • They started and finished within the time limits they provided at the outset even with the delays.
  • When things did not go as anticipated they offered options and patiently stepped us through each one extolling the merits and flaws that allowed us to make an informed decision.
  • They gave us ample warning regarding decisions we needed to finalize so we did not feel rushed or pushed into a decision.
  • After the work was complete they have been prompt in their response even when it proved to be operator error!

We could not be happier with the outcome of the job. We will enjoy our addition for years! We have no hesitation in recommending D&W based on our experience.

May 06, 2013

D & W Builders, Inc. are dedicated craftsmen who built an addition to our Alexandria home in 2008.  Mike, Bill, Garth, and Milton are unfailingly honest, trustworthy, and meticulous professionals.  They take a personal interest in their work, and created the exact design, features, and atmosphere we were looking for.  Everyone who visits compliments us on the proportion, the flow, and the integration of the addition with the existing house. 

We have enthusiastically recommended D & W to our family, friends, and neighbors.  We will continue to do so as we use D & W's personalized, reliable, and affordable services in the future.